Our Solutions


Brand Protection and Security

Many famous brands now a day's face the threat of counterfeiting or tampering so Prizm offers a solution to protect the brand with our highly security featured Hologram.


Identification And Verification

Hologram on Id Cards will help to verify the ID card as authentic which will help to control unauthorized access to restricted areas.


Packaging Solution

Prizm Holography provide a eye-catching film due to its highly visibility for packaging which helps in-

  • Advertising Of Packaging
  • Building a levels of security
  • Helps the product gets noticed



Because of eye-catching property of film and different attractive designs, today holographic films provides a different look for gift wrap and others decorative products.



Sequins films that are used to add elegance and beauty to any product. Sequins is a small piece of sparkling metal/plastic,which is used for decorative purposes.


Custom solution

In addition to the solutions listed above we also offer many industries with custom solutions to meet their specific needs. Contact us to discuss your specific needs so that we can custom-tailor a solution for you.

Security Features that can be evolved in Hologram

Kaledoscope effect,concentric effect,True Color effect,3D Animation effect,Opaque effect,Morie Hidden Image effect,White etch effect,High Resolution Microtest,Multichannel effect,Pseudo Metallic Line,One Color Rainbow,Guilloche Lines effect,Dynamic/Kinetic effect,Pseudo Metallic Dynamic effect,Two Channel effect,Covert Hidden Image effect,Microtext effect,Field shifting effect,Watermark effect,Floating Jumping effect,True Color Overlay effect,Morie Floating effect,Air Floating effect.

External Features Which Can be added

  • Ink jet Numbering,Laser Numbering,Chemical Etching,Multicolor Hologram
  • Property of a Hologram
  • Temper/Non Temper
  • Silver/color